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As everyone knows, the world's three largest personal desktop computer vendor of  Lenovo, Dell, HP, core LCD display of the chip in the collocation, 90% from Mstar. Mstar  is the world’s largest chip design company of LCD TV and LCD Monitor, the Mstar  of chip accounted for about 60% of global market share. The Tech-Source is the largest agent display solutions of international well-known semiconductor Manufacturer of the Mstar. Tech-Source of wishes is the world's leading display design company. Founded ten years, is also the only focus on display design and display the motherboard supply companies, is the national high and new technology enterprise too.

The tech-source of wishes become the world’s leading display design company . The establishment of ten years, is the world's only focus on the design of the display program design and display board .The tech-source of LCD motherboard sales for three consecutive years the world's number one . Each sold ten units of  LCD , three solutions from tech-source in the Mainland market of china , our Partner have PHILPS ,Lenovo , AO, HKC , Fujitsu , ViewSonic and so on .

Today , we have largest of R &D worker rank first in the industry , We are two times the number of people in the rank second. We have the ability to cooperate with a number of customers at the same time the case of demand .

Our technology strength of the industry first, full-featured products, you can find all Specification of Consumer LCD Screen in the global display the appropriate solution in our company ,We are the first company supply QHD and 4K of LCD solution , is also the first to provide 5M pacs Medical display solutions company . our domestic manufacturers launched the first QHD and 4K liquid crystal display solutions, is also the first to provide 5M Pacs medical display solutions company.

The future , we continue Insist on “Customer first ,strive for ”the culture ,not only to become the world's first shipments of the company in the industry, but also become a world-class display solutions company, become by customers and colleagues respected company .

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